3 Inch Shakers

$ 3.49

Sold in packages of 10

Available in four sizes and all colors, our Shakers  are super soft and they float.

The Bass Snax Custom Baits Shakers is one of our most effective finesse baits. Its shad-shaped body and flat tail creates a realistic and enticing action. This  bait has the profile and action of baitfish and is extremely effective on a stand up jig head, wacky rig, neko rig  and when nose hooked on a drop shot rig. The Bass Snax Custom Baits Shakers come in a variety of fish catching colors.
Sold in packages of :
3 inch    10 count
3.5 inch 10 count
4 inch      8 count
5 inch      8 count
The 3 and 3.5 inch are best when rigged on our Ned jig head or nose hooked on a drop shot rig.
The 4 an 5 inch can be rigged wacky on a drop shot rig, weighted wacky jig head or on a shaky head, these also work well on a neko rig.